Landlord Information

Our Aim

At Kevin Hicks Real Estate we strive to lease your property at the highest possible rent, to the most suitable tenant, in the shortest possible time. Upon completion of authorization to manage your property, your Property Manager will commence advertising your property straight away. This includes the internet, our website, a section in our rental booklet in house and the local newspaper. We encourage that your property be presented in the best possible way upon advertising and at a rental rate consistent with the current market values to reduce any potential vacancy period.

Your Property Manager will work with you throughout the period that we are managing your property to ensure all your needs and expectations are met; as well as providing the best possible advice in relation to your rights and responsibilities.

Selecting a Tenant

Selecting a suitable tenant is the most vital part to successfully leasing your property. It is much better to refuse a tenant application, than enter into a Tenancy Agreement with a tenant that does not meet your selection criteria. Upon applying for your property, a prospective tenant is required to complete a comprehensive application form including details of their current Real Estate agency, previous agency, employment and personal references. Your Property Manager will conduct a comprehensive application process of employment and reference checks to ensure the most accurate assessment of each applicant. Each applicant is submitted to you, the Landlord, for your consideration and approval.

Condition Report/ Final Inspection

Prior to the commencement of the tenancy agreement, your Property Manager will attend the property and complete a comprehensive report detailing the exact condition of the property, as well as all fixtures and fittings. This is supported by hundred of photographs capturing the quality of each section of the property.

At the completion of the tenancy, after the tenant has returned their keys, your Property Manager will attend to complete a final inspection. The condition report and photos are used to cross reference the condition of the property from the beginning of the tenancy, to the end, ensuring the property has been left in the same condition than at commencement, “fair wear and tear” considered.

If the property is not left to a satisfactory standard, your Property Manager will negotiate with the tenant on your behalf until an agreement can be reached, or an appropriate application will be made to VCAT. Moneys can only be deducted from the bond if the tenant agrees, or a VCAT member makes an order for a bond deduction.

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are conducted on a regular basis once the tenant has commenced their tenancy. The first will be conducted at three (3) months, and every six (6) months thereafter. The purpose of the inspections are to ensure the property is being maintained at an acceptable standard, and gives an opportunity to ascertain any items or repair/maintenance necessary. These inspections are conducted by your Property Manager and a written report will be mailed to you, the Landlord, for your records. It is encouraged that you attend a routine inspection every so often to touch base with your investment and keep an eye on any items of interest.

Rent Arrears

At Kevin Hicks Real Estate we keep a close eye on rent arrears and contact your tenant immediately if they begin to fall behind. Our procedure includes the following:

1-3 days: SMS message to tenant prompting them to make a payment.

4-7 days: Phone call to tenant to arrange an immediate payment.

8-10 days: Letter to tenant warning them of eviction proceedings, and encouraging a payment plan be negotiated.

14 days: Once the tenant reaches 14 days in arrears and has not responded to previous contact, a 14 day Notice to Vacate can be issued. This is at your discretion and you will be consulted by your Property Manager throughout this process to discuss how to proceed. If a tenant does not pay the arrears owed after this notice is issued, the tenant must either hand in the keys on the 14th day, or a VCAT application must be made to gain possession of the property.

Landlord Payments

You will be given the option to have your rental payments made to you mid and end of month, or end of month. Your statements will outline all rental payments made, any invoice deductions from repairs, and commission charged. You will receive your statement either via email, or post directly after the payment is made to your nominated bank account.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our duty is to conduct all items of maintenance and repair in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1997. Every effort will be made to contact you prior to arranging the repairs. Upon commencement of your management with Kevin Hicks Real Estate, you will be given the opportunity to advise of any trades people you prefer to use. Kevin Hicks Real Estate also have a comprehensive list of trades people who are trusted and certified to carry out repairs.